Global SEO agency in Dubai

Global SEO Agency in Dubai

June 26, 2019

If you are considering starting your own business or you already have one, you should know that having a website will definitely help its growing process because with that you can introduce your company (business) and its services to the exact type of people you want and get a satisfying result in a shorter amount of time. Wenet, is a global SEO agency in Dubai providing services related to your websites appearance and its search engine optimisation process. With the most talented and highly qualified SEO specialists and web designers, we will give your company the look and the rank it deserves.

SEO Services in Dubai

Here at WENET SEO Headquarter we implement an exclusive strategy on every single site. On the aspect of appearance, since it is very crucial to look marvellous, we design pages in a unique well-coded way capable of impressing your customers and presenting your brand services the best way possible in all searching devices. The other side of our duties is the important measurements that must be taken to get a better ranking, since in order for your site to look good on peoples eyes, firstly, it must appear top on the first page of the Google search results.  

global seo agency

SEO Service Company in Dubai

In the world of digital and online technology, the old version of business and marketing is long gone. Every aspect of our lives is affected by internet so as our ways to go shopping or asking for a specific type of service, if you want your brand and company to survive and to keep growing vastly you need to be seen on the internet so do not hesitate, call our Global SEO agency in Dubai and see the difference of WENET style.

SEO Project Steps

These are steps of running a SEO project, for more information you can contact us


Researching and Gathering data

In the first step in SEO project, we start gathering information about your business and the ways it can be more developed in the online world. We scan your competitors’ activities and their ranks. We check the value of your company as a brand then our search goes around both local and international competitors and we try to find ways to get past them.



Our team of experts will put their time on keywords and try to find out which could get your site more visitors, therefore, more earnings. A thorough SEO audit will be carried out on your site by our SEO specialist. Based on that we will make the best possible SEO startegies to reach your goal.


Optimize Your Site Structure for SEO

In case you already own a website, we will analyze the codes and performance of the web page and all things related to that to make sure it is programmed in a standard way. If you are going to start from scratch, we are able to set up a website accepted by Google algorithms.


Create Fresh and Unique Content

Content is the king! And this step is about texts And every other thing that will be published on the site. To get the job well-done on this part, we have our team of content creators putting their time to make unexampled texts, videos, photos and everything in order for your website to be seen on the first page.


SEO Monthly Report

The last task our experts will do is that they will keep everything published on the site updated. They implement necessary changes if they are needed to keep the rank on top of the google searching results. In short, they do the supporting job. (ONLY DONE WHEN CLIENT ASKS IN CONTRACT)


Monthly SEO reports

As important as the other sections, this last part is about checking the outcomes of our efforts and reporting them to you. The reports include every keyword ranking on Google then the whole level of the site. The number of visitors in every month and all other data given by Google analytics to us is also contained in the paper. This information will help us to know where we are standing and will give us a sight of the future so that we know where we are going.