SEO services in Geneva

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SEO services in Geneva : WENET brings the growth perspective to your business opportunities by SEO services.

Our SEO experts at Wenet agency are simply offering you and your business the opportunity to get the best ranking possible.

Why we need SEO ?

In today’s world of business, online presence is the main key for every single niche to thrive. And with the most traffic being driven from search engines, not having a well ranked website for your business will exclude it from the high levels of its competitive market.

Therefore ranking on the first page of Google and other search engines is one of the most important goals that every business manager is aiming for.

What we pursue…

Our goal is to make your business noticed in both local and global inquiries and to drive more traffic hence more income as we proceed but most importantly we seek the trust your business deserves from the customers it has.

Our SEO Process :

Our guaranteed SEO services contain 6 steps :

  1. Research ( About your website and competitors )
  2. Optimize ( If you have website we improve UI, UX, and IA )
  3. Content marketing
  4. Keywords research
  5. Content Promotion
  6. Test, Analyze and monthly reports

1- Research

Doing a deep drive into your business, your website, your social media, and your competitors. we analyze over 200 factors and your current status in search engines.

  • Site and server analysis
  • Brand and Social media analysis
  • Competitors analysis

2- Optimize

In order to help users and Google robots understanding who you are, we make many changes yo your site. sometimes we need to change UX, UI and IA to improve website usability

  • Improve user experience and information architecture
  • Change site architecture
  • Add meta tag and Schema codes

3- Content

Provide useful unique content about your company’s USP or informative content is essential to being seen in search engine’s. in this step we analyzing the educational content required by customers.

  • Draw a roadmap for content marketing
  • Create informative Blog

4- Keywords

Keyword research is very effective to get relevant traffic to your website. relevant traffic on your website help your company to sell more !

  • Competitor keyword analysis
  • Rank Tracking

5- Content Promotion

Viral marketing campaigns and build link from Blogs and Press to getting your site in front of you target audience

6- Test and analyzing

We make sure that the website is driving visitors through the  purchasing funnel by analyzing website statistics and user behavior.

  • Conversion path analysis
  • Call to action improvement

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