What is UI and UX Design ?

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4.8/5 - (6 votes)

Designing is old as human history, and the role it plays in every single aspect of our lives is undeniable especially the impact of it on business through decades. In today business world, the concept of designing is not just beautiful and colorful shapes created to attract people, it is functionality alongside an exquisite appearance.

Now in the case of websites, we call that UI and UX design which in the following content we are going to explain these two confusing concepts.

What does UI design mean?

UI stands for “user interface” which is the graphical appearance of an application or a website. Everything such as buttons, the text, images, sliders, and every other visual element are entitled to that.

What is UI designers tasks ?

UI designers decide how the app or the site is going to look like. They know what every single color psychological effect and try to mix them in different ways and graphical shapes that would leave the best impression possible on the people seeing them. For instance, the green color gives refreshing scenes and it creates hope or red give energy and passion.

you can easily imagine how important is this to make a good permanent relationship with your customers in the online world. In short, UI designers define an application or a website its style, and characteristic features that directly affect your business.

What is UX design?

UX represents user experience and it designates how users interact with the website. UX design is followed by UI design and it determines how easy or hard it is to work with UI designed elements. now this kind of task is very hard and essential because every single person has a different view on how easy navigatable an app or a site could be and UX designer need to do their best to give all people the best experience they could ever have using them.

Briefly, UX designers decide how the graphical information operates. The whole designing process for an app or website is often very complex and collaborative and both designers usually work together to make sure they get the job well done. if you want your app or website to have the best UI/UX design possible so that your relationship with a specific target market improves and reach its best level you can trust in wenet. since we have gathered some very talented and experienced expert designers in both user interface and user experience designing, we can give your site or app or both of them a dazzling look alongside the best operating system. do not hesitate, do it in wenet style.

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